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Help Desk Software
Are you just looking for a help desk that's easy for employees to use, but
still powerful enough to manage all those projects and everyday tasks?
Wouldn't it be nice to roll something out that users didn't rebel against -
and then actually used after rollout? We have the solution: help desk
software designed by IT help desk employees.

Highlights include:
  • Request routing based on established rules.
  • Assign tasks to requests (for easy project management).
  • Provide detailed solution instructions to employees resolving requests.
  • Offer HTML-enabled solution suggestions to employees opening requests, tailored to individual topics.
  • Automatically route request topics to eForms (for topics requiring specific information).
  • Respond to requests using a smart phone (or other email-enabled device).
  • Group requests by project.
  • Set up recurring requests.
  • Detailed reports of request activity.

Many software vendors boast power when it comes to a help desk; we boast that employees actually LIKE using our software. When employees can easily follow a service request from start to finish, everybody wins.
Read what our clients have to say.
And then view the demo.
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