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Help Desk Reviews
Selma R, SC (Executive Assistant):
"It is so easy to use. You will love it."
Jason P, IT Manager in NC:
"Itís rare in the IT world to see a demo of software - and then purchase that software - only to learn that it actually runs the way the demo promised it would. Not to mention, itís easily trainable for staff, and updates are a breeze!"
Aaron S, IT Manager in MI:
"The product is simple and easy and the service is awesome. As close to turn-key as any I've ever used."
Matt P, MN, IT Manager in MN:
"Iím loving the software, but... the support you guys give is a good enough selling point in my opinion!"
Michael B, VP of IT in ME:
"It is simple, straight-forward, manageable and cost-effective. Plus, I have never seen better support and service from ANYONE!"
Bryan S, IT Manager in SC:
"You guys are worlds ahead of the competition in service for sure. I can attest to the fact that itís nice to work with a vendor that actually cares."
Larry M, IT Professional in MO:
"Your service has been extraordinary."
David S, IT Professional in CA:
"I would kill to have you as the developer for all the other software we use!"
Greg G, Director of IT in GA:
"We use SimplifyIT and couldn't be happier. Awesome software, and the support is even better."
Dylan W, IT Manager in TN:
"One of the most amazing things is how little time that needs to be dedicated to installation, implementation and staff training. I've never seen anything so simple on all levels."
Mike H, TN (IT, VP):
"I've been in IT for over 30 years. It's been my experience that software - well - just breaks. It's commonplace in the industry. All vendors I've ever dealt with install software packages that come with plenty of errors and support calls, except for one: SimplifyIT."
Mark R, TN (IT, Manager):
"This team listens and responds, which is outstanding to say the least."
Katie G, MN (Marketing Manager):
"Itís important for [our credit union] to maintain a strong credit union brand with our intranet. SimplifyIT helps create a strong brand connection for our employees as well as offer a simple, sleek design and easy to use system."
Cyndi S, SC (HR Administrator/Training):
"The software from SimplifyIT is so easy to use."
Melissa E, TN (Marketing):
"The content management system is very user-friendly and efficient. Now we can make the changes ourselves immediately."
Kathy C, SC (Operations Officer):
"My experience: Easily accessible, updates can be uploaded quickly and easy. Staff can access files by using keywords, not having to figure out what someone may have named a file."
Krystle B, MS (IT Manager):
"We've used SimplifyIT now since 2004, and we've never thought about switching to anything else. We've always been happy with their product and service. They have never let us down!"
Kathleen H, SC (Director of Training & Human Resources):
"The intent of our intranet was to enhance communications and collaboration among departments and increase overall employee satisfaction. The potential is there with SimplifyIT."
Marc C, TN (Facilities Manager):
"What I like about the system is that it's so simple. It's really powerful, but it's just so simple to use."
Steve S, TN (Vice President, Facilities):
"The SimplifyIT software is the best thing we've done in a long time."
Eric P, GA (IT):
"I had to use a competitor's product at my last job. It was really horrible. SimplifyIT's system is so, so much better."
Stephen M, TN (IT):
"I've used your product, and I've used a competitor's product. Not only is yours much more cost-effective, but it's extremely easy to use and manage."
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